Jadwal Training 2023

PT. PUTRANATA ADI MANDIRI Grand Slipi Tower Lt.43 Jl. Letjend.S.Parman Kav.22-24 Jakarta  Barat 11480 Telp.: +62 21 2902 2588 Email.: sales@putranata.com              pampruf@cbn.net.id Jadwal Training 2023 Analisa Vibrasi Level 1 24 – 26 Januari 2023 14 – 16 Maret 2023 23 – 25 Mei 2023 25 – 27 Juli 2023 19 – 21 September 2023 […]

Fixturlaser AT-200

Smart shaft alignment for smart maintenance Connectivity, mobile devices, and apps are integrated into the AT-200 making it a tool for short response time between machine failures and corrective actions. The smart sensors use CCD technology for superior measurement performance and precision alignment. Smart alignment sensor features Large 30 mm digital sensor detectors – capacity […]

Jadwal Training 2021

PT. PUTRANATA ADI MANDIRI Grand Slipi Tower Lt.43 Jl. Letjend.S.Parman Kav.22-24 Jakarta  Barat 11480 Jadwal Training 2021 Analisa Vibrasi Level 1 22 – 24 Juni 2021 24 – 26 Agustus 2021 26 – 28 Oktober 2021 14 – 16 Desember 2021 Onsite/in-situ Balancing 22 – 24 Juni 2021 24 – 26 Agustus 2021 26 – […]

Vibration Analysis

Vibration Analysis dalam Langkah awal pengukuran vibrasi pada mesin-mesin industri pada umumnya adalah melakukan pengukuran “overall” yaitu pengukuran yang tidak difilter pada daerah frekuensi tertentu. Tujuannya dalah memperoleh gambaran kondisi mesin secara umum. Cara melakukan pengukurannya sudah isampaikan pada pembahasan sebelumnya.Sebelum kita melaksanakan analisa terhadap hasil pengukuran vibrasi suatu mesin selalu disarankan ntuk memperhatikan hal-hal […]

FixturLaser PAT

Two transmitters with visible red laser line The FIXTURLASER PAT comes with two-line laser transmitters, each equipt with two spring-load guides that fit into the pulley grooves. The use of two laser transmitters with integrate targets makes it very easy to find out what kind of alignment that is required. Parallel offset, angular error and […]

FixturLaser Eco

The all-digital wireless FIXTURLASER ECO is an entry-level system dedicated to horizontal shaft alignment. With wireless sensor units, a 4” color display, rechargeable batteries, and an IP65 design that withstands harsh environments, you have a laser alignment system at an affordable price! What you get, when you buy a FIXTURLASER ECO system: • Integrated Bluetooth • […]

Balancing TSK Machine

TSK macine termasuk dalam balancing Basket, balancing Vertical Machine.


The MVX is a powerful and intelligent, real-time, multi-channel data analyzer. The MVX gathers multiple data-types, including vibration, IEPE, and voltage, in real-time, giving you the power to stop machine failures before they happen. Real-time condition monitoring Configurable size, from 8 to 32 channels Shock Finder, making the MVX capable of monitoring very slow-spinning shafts […]


Wireless, intrinsically safe, automatic vibration analysis that can scale to match the needs of your facility. The EAGLE system pairs up to 150 wireless tri-axial vibration sensors to a single gateway router that allows you to monitor machines that are far away, in confined spaces, or in hazardous locations, all without laying cable. Reduce installation costs […]

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