Proactive maintenance

Implementing proactive maintenance solutions is a cost-effective and strategic way to boost the productivity of your business.

Discover our proactive maintenance solutions:

Belt alignment

Laser geometric alignment tools

Shaft alignment tools

Wind turbine solutions

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Predictive maintenance

Predictive or condition-based maintenance is a proactive maintenance strategy that allows you to monitor the performance and condition of your machinery in real time.

Discover our predictive maintenance solutions:

Handheld vibration measurement

Online condition monitoring

Wireless monitoring system

Predictive maintenance platform

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Machine tools measurement

Machine tools are designed to conform to a required tolerance so they move a tool along a specified path relative to another workpiece to perform a tool-related manufacturing process.

Discover our machine tools measurement solutions:

2-axis control of spindle

Run-out calibration

Machine tool calibration

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Reliability services

Our Reliability Services team is committed to helping you and your business optimise productivity and efficiency levels by enhancing the performance of your critical rotating assets, reducing maintenance costs and reducing your overall operational risk.

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